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10 Piece Drinking Pool Game Set – Pool Ball Shots

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Pool tables have always been popular at bars. Have you considered making a simple drinking game using the regular rules of pool at your home bar? It can be a lot of fun!

You will need a pool table for one, as well as lots of beer. You can set up everything like a regular game of pool. You can organize your guests into teams of two people each. The game can be a lot of fun.

But you know what else you will want? Pool Ball Shots, a 10 Piece Drinking Pool Game Set.  What’s so great about these pool ball shot glasses?

Well, for one, you can arrange them on your pool table.  The glasses weigh just one ounce and sit smartly inside a beautiful ornamental billiard ball base. They can be easily removed to be cleaned after the pool party.

The set comes with a simple but elegant tray, which you can use to serve the beer to a large group of friends. The tray keeps all the glasses together, and allows you to store or organize them as you like.

Shot glass sets are a great gift to give your friends and family this Holiday Season, or for that matter, for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding anniversary.

So why don’t you just order these amazing boozy pool balls right now, they cost just $14.45 – with free shipping.

Just go ahead and play a nice game of pool with your friends and family. Everyone gets their own drink; winners get to drink their partner’s drink! Have fun and just remember the drinking game is only for those who are at least 21 years old!

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