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BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

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Are you not aware of your regular alcohol consumption? Are you afraid of your drinking habit exceeding the limits you have set? If you find these situations relatable then this is the thing for you.

DrinkMate Smartphone Breathalyzer is a tiny, plug-in breathalyzer for android and now also available for iPhone on iOS platforms.

The perfect gift you can find to give away to your friends once the holiday seasons hits and get those parties going on without having to get charged for drink and drive.

This sleek 1.8-inch long device is designed in a way so that it easily gets plugged-in into a powered Micro-USB port and partnered together with its specially designed app available on Google Play Store; it displays the blood alcohol content (BAC) rating. The user has to breathe over the semiconductor-based sensor and it does not require a mouthpiece, the user just blows into the air vent that helps to keep the design compact and the device hygienic and clean.

So when you have got something so easy to use and well advanced in technology then what are you waiting for?? DrinkMate is you drink mate that will help you in acknowledgment of your alcohol consumption and keep you in check.

Order it today from Edge Tech Labs LLC on With above average ranking of 3-star, this little fella is sure to be of efficient help and don’t forget to recommend to your friends too because this holiday season, let’s be aware and drink. Cheers!

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