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2-DIVERSION BOOK SAFE Made from a Real Book

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You might be one of those people which are thinking twice concerning buying a large safe to put your valuable items in. For you, these can be too eye catchy for a thief as well as for sure this is how they will look first.

You are totally spot on. Most burglars spend less than ten minutes in their victims’ house. Safes and jewelry boxes are the very first things on their list.

Book Safes, having said that are really very good for hiding your valuable items and in case you keep your small valuable items in this kind of diversion safe then it is likely that they are going to be kept hidden from thieves and even from prying family members and friends.

A Book Safe Is The Same As A Real Book

The 2 DIVERSION BOOK SAFE Made from a Real Book is designed to look like the real thing so it can perfectly blend in along with your other books. It is actually made away from a real book. The book safe opens to reveal a hidden compartment and this is when you’ll be able to hide your emergency cash, your keys and even a few of your jewelry.

It might probably never be large enough for items like hard cameras or drives, however, it is spacious enough for your passport and other important documents. One fine thing about the book safe is that the first 50 or so pages are loose and you can even read through this part. The rest of the pages are exactly what are glued together.

The storage area inside has a velvet lining so your valuables are saved in place. They won’t just fall over if somebody tips the book around.

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