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Medieval Weapon Push Pins

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Are you a fan of medieval weaponry but you work at an office? Maybe you want to combine the two? These astounding Medieval Weapon Push Pins are designed to showcase your passion and appeal towards medieval weaponry in an exciting manner.

Each set that you purchase includes 2 copies of each weapon, and you will have small replicas of stuff like katanas, axes, broad swords, single handed weapons, sabres and so on. If you are a fan of Robin Hood or anything medieval for that matter then these are definitely well worth a purchase since they remind you of your passion.

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These amazing pins are suitable for day to day office duties and since the “medieval” side is made out of plastic they are very easy to carry around. The package is small and you can easily carry them around if you want.

You can place them on a pin board and they even work on wood too, so these Medieval Weapon Push Pins are very durable and easy to maneuver no matter where you would like to use them, that’s for sure.

If you really want to get a new, distinct type of push pins, then these amazing Medieval Weapon Push Pins are the ones you are looking for. Refined, one of a kind and nicely created, they are the perfect way to combine your daily office duties with your passion for medieval items. Don’t hesitate and get your own right now, you will love and use them each day!

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