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A Recommended Hearing Protection – Plugfones CY-1 Contractor

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Have you ever been so much uncomfortable with your hearing? In this case, you can protect it using Plugfones CY-1 Contractor. It can protect you from noisy sounds while working. What is hearing protection, exactly? It’s the earplugs that you can wear to avoid uncomfortable or noisy environments. Not only it helps you work better, but it also helps you enjoy some music or audiobooks.

Product Features:

  • The product comes with 1 pair of foam tips and silicone earphone tips. No worries. You can use them interchangeably.
  • The earplug is quite ergonomic. It won’t easily fall out. That means you can use it comfortably regardless of the purposes.
  • There are soft earplug tips. You can get a comfortable and long-lasting wear time using this earphone.
  • It’s improved well so you can get many benefits.

    check out for $29.95

Product Description

In a nutshell, Plugfones become the best hearing protection that you can buy. It’s suitable for different purposes like factory work, construction, lawn mowing, landscaping, and more. It’s built to help improve your hearing quality. It has the similar function to traditional earplugs. However, it offers extra benefit. It’s suitable for audio. That means you are able to listen to music and audiobooks with it. It’s suitable for recreating or working in noisy environments. If you want to protect your hearing, you can simply wear it.

Plugfones has undergone lab tests. It offers a satisfying NRR rating, which is 25. You can easily switch the foam and silicone earplugs based on your needs. There’s also a tuned speaker which gives enhanced sound and bass quality. You can enjoy your favorite music with this device. As a matter of fact, there are many features that you can get. These include flexible wire casing, double reinforced jack, and comfortable plugs. Despite these benefits, you should use Plugfones with extra caution and care. It’s important to avoid personal injury.


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