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Accoutrements finger tentacles

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Finger tentacle is a long soft and flexible rubbery item, pretty much like glove made of pure calamari, suitable for play room as well as sand tray therapy. It has approximately 7 inches flexible tentacles which fit over most fingers, usually recommended for children ages 3 and up. It comes in a pack of 5 tentacles, each for one finger. You can wear it on all five fingers or split it on 2 hands or you can also order 2 sets for the ultimate octopus experience.
This cool stuff is sure to be lots of fun. Don’t be a sucker of same lame finger puppet. Get these pink, creepy tentacles for the real fun. Put this on, transform your hands into wiggly tentacles and you’ll be the star of the next cephalopod gathering and make everyone you meet, envy of you. Finger tentacles are just good idea for the ones who wants to scare their spouse by waking them up with a tentacle or prank your friend at mid of the night or even heck at beach, it is for the ones who becomes excited at the thought of transforming into a horror beast or using it for a costume in fancy dress show. You can also use them as a gift/prize and it will surely become a hit among children.

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The finger tentacles are highly rated product with almost all positive reviews of the customers who have been using it. You can also view the reviews given at the site before ordering the product. It is offered at quite economical price of approximately 10$, easily available at online stores.
So I would recommend you to purchase these flexible creepy structures and get ready for your Halloween parties or the craziest pranks or for an easiest way to keep your kids busy with these fun toys.

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