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ACTON R10 RocketSkates

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If you are looking for skates with a difference you just have to see the Acton R6 Rocket Skates. They propel you up to 12 miles per hour and you can still keep your own footwear on making them easy enough to transport and return to your everyday footwear when you need or are ready to. The majority of foot sizes are available and they are suitable for women, men and younger members of the family.  All you have to do to go faster is lean forward and to slow dawn lean back to gently break.

You are also able to pivot the footplates so that you can get up stairs without having to take the rocket skates off making it easier whether you are travelling around the college campus or going round the local park. Each of the rocket skates has a lithium ion battery which can be recharged over and over again. Each time you charge your rocket skates you will be able to skate for 1 and a half hours before you have to recharge again. This can give you up to 6 miles of fun before you need to power up again which takes just 1 and a half hours.

Imagine the hours of fun you could have from these great new age Acton R6 rocket skates, have the power to race across town alone or with friends and easily switch back to your own footwear when you need to. It takes just a few seconds to attach yourself and get going in style.

check out for $449.99

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