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Adult Sized Venus Flytrap

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Having a none chemical way to capture flies that are intruding in your home is something that a venus flytrap can do for you. When fully grown they’re great for attracting and getting rid of potentially germ spreading and annoying flies, however to get them to adulthood takes a lot of care and three years. Buying an adult venus flytrap is a great way to start catching flies right away and you can order yours today.

The adult sized venus fly trap comes complete with a 3 inch net pot as well as detailed instructions on how to care for it so that you know exactly how to keep your new plant in the best condition for longevity. In addition to the plant, pot and instructions you will also be given instructions on potting in case you wish to transfer it to something other than the pot it comes in. The adult sized venus flytrap will come bareroot and has New Zealand Sphagnum moss packed to ensure the pot is filled and the plant remains healthy during transition and of course once it reaches you.

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Why choose chemicals that get into your lungs or electrical traps that for many prove insufficient when an adult sized venus flytrap is able to eliminate flies safely and digests th
em so you don’t have to dispose of thecarcass that collects in conventional methods. You don’t have to be green fingered or choose between chemicals or electrical traps to make your home or office fly free. There is another way.

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