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Airow Gun .68 Caliber Paintball Kit

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For someone looking to have the ultimate Airgun experience, this combo package is the best for you. In the world today no other paintball marker can be compared with the Airow Gun. The package comes with a diamond infinite edge bow to mounting onto. What makes the novel paintball marker you have ever seen is putting the gun package together for use. It has a complete ready to use paintball set which makes it simple and easy to use.


  • It has Airow Gun. 68 Cal Paintball Units
  • A kit with 22 calibers Pellet Conversion Kit
  • It comes with Air chamber shield
  • It also comes with Archery Accessory Package
  • Scope Mount
  • Diamond Infinite Edge Bow
  • Radiance-Amber lens Shooting Glass


  • It is designed with tournament style electronic maker
  • Its fire rate is about 10 bps
  • Three firing mode are included in its design which is: full auto, semi-auto and 3-round burst
  • The color of the trigger changes to show shooting mode
  • The caliber is delivered with a one-time use of 90 gramCO2cylinder and it can accept all CO2 and HPA paintball tanks


This tool helps a lot when using a gun, the beauty in it is that you can use it with different firearms. With no doubt, you will be able to target correctly the spot you want to shoot without making

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