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AleHorn Drinking Horn Tankard

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Do you have a Viking themed costume party and you need to decorate a medieval feast table for your guests? Is your ambience perfect for the party, but you are in need of a traditional Viking drinking vessel to seal the deal? We have something that will blow your mind of – presenting the Drinking Horn Tankard by AleHorn. This Viking drinking cup is a hand-crafted extra-large drinking vessel, which not only provides you with an opportunity to complement your list of antiques, but is one of those cool stuff you can add to a semi-formal event such as a themed party.

The AleHorn Drinking Horn Tankard is an extra large drinking cup, which helps in holding about 20oz of your favorite beverage, regardless that you need it for chilled beer, a soda or even milk. The cup is almost 6-6.5” large and features a single piece formed handle, which allows the users to feel like a true Viking while using the cup in day-to-day scenarios. This Viking cup has a natural finish and has been crafted from solid horn, in order to provide exceptional durability. Moreover, it has been sealed off with an acrylic base and has been coated for safety. All the pieces have been hand-crafted and made with Food Safety grad lacquer to ensure 100% safety of all the users out there. Above all, the company provides a no leak guarantee and in case of any damages, the company deems to replace the product free of charge.

So, having problem to choose a cool gift for a Game of Thrones fanatic? The AleHorn Drinking Horn Tankard is worth your money!

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