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Alligator Head Decoy & Pond Float

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Do you want to scare away predators and perhaps unsuspecting friends from your pond or swimming pool?

If so, then the Alligator Head Decoy and Pond Float is just what you have been looking for. This gag gift is one of the great cool things on the market today. The decoy itself is realistically rendered and will float freely across your pond or pool with life-like motion. The alligator head offers reflective red eyes to really scare those who venture too close and no two are alike!

In addition to giving friends and family a jolt, it’s actually an excellent and inexpensive way to keep pests like egrets, cormorants, herons, and geese. Even most ducks do not care to be around the Alligator Head Decoy. However, it is true that northern ducks like mallards and wood ducks actually take a liking to the decoy, perhaps because it’s like some other decoys they’ve seen?

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So, if you have valuable fish that you want to protect, the Alligator Head Decoy and Pond Float are perfect since they work for years thanks to the UV resistant paint that is eco-friendly which covers the devices. You can also use it to give friends and family a bit of a scare as well thanks to its remarkably realistic appearance.

The Alligator Head Decoy and Pond Float are just the cool things you need to protect the valuable fish in your pond or just get a laugh when you see other people react to the realistic appearance of this device.

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