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Your phone is your only love that is with you all the time as the best mate but what about when its battery life is going down and you are losing your favorite mate in the emergency timings. You hear about a number of power banks and other power generation options for your phone to have a battery support in the emergency zone but what about being stuck somewhere with no electrical power. In this situation, your power bank could help you to a certain limit and then you are again on the same ground. However, with AMPware, you can beat the hell of difficulties easily, it is a power generation case with neodymium magnet alternator and low loss planetary gears assembled and let you charge your phone manually anywhere anytime for emergency use.

It looks like a normal mobile case that is soft and comforts enough to protect your phone edges and lets you have your manual power bank with you all the time. At the back of the cover you get a handle that can turn into a stand as well, the rubber edge gives you a grip to handle it properly. Insert your phone into the case, plug in the wire below in the port, get the handle out, and rotate. The green light on the bottom will let you know whether you are, doing it at right speed or not. One minute of charging will give you 2 minutes of call time that could save your life.

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