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Arkham Knight Mask

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Ready to get your in touch with your inner supervillain? Put on this extremely authentic, high-quality Polycarbonate and fiberglass helmet and get ready to exact your revenge against Batman as you become the Arkham Knight. No other mask will complete a cosplay of the Knight quite as completely as this strikingly detailed helmet, whether you’re getting ready for a con or simply want to scare the neighbors in the middle of the night.

Let people marvel at the duel LED strips that shine menacingly from inside of your visor as you stare them down. While the carbon fiber graphics on the front of the helmet will keep your face hidden and the mystery alive, you’ll be able to see well enough from the inside to keep on the lookout for your arch nemesis. Don’t worry about overheating, either, as the included fan will both keep you cool and keep your hot breath—which burns with the fires of your vendetta—from fogging up the view.

check out for $52.99

This helmet is powered by conveniently-rechargeable batteries, so if you’re ever running low, you can always just seek out the nearest USB plug so that you can get back to being evil as soon as possible. If you’re wondering whether or not it will fit your head, it should so long as your noggin is 24-inches in diameter or less. While you can use this beautiful helmet for paintball, airsoft, and other similar sports if you feel so inclined, it is not recommended as a motorcycle helmet.

Buy one today and impress fellow fans of Arkham Knight!

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