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Living in the century of innovative inventions changed the entire concept of anthropoid to justify an entity. This is what the potential of science and engineering can perform. While technology is enjoying its era to the fullest meanwhile an advance creation has been observed, spreading with immense pace in the market “MYO” an armband which can literally control those gestures. A perfectly invented masterpiece senses all your electrically driven signals send by the user to device, controls almost every moment you make. When life is dragging you back, making you weary and time which is acting as our biggest nemesis. “MYO” comes in real handy by performing real tasks.

Let’s explore a further more about what makes it so special? Well this can be tackled in many ways, 1st the design of its is very athletic, nothing to carry just to wear it, while wearing you can do other household task even at the same time MYO gives the feasibility to turn on your music player for a soothing and comforting affect. The compatibility feature is quite amazing, once again taking the lead for Android and IOS users, facilitates them both.

Plug and play device. Isn’t it? “MYO” is convincing it’s user with its exclusive gesture control which oversea and control your tasks from a distance, play games, provides music not only that but can also map different sort of things by just sitting on the arm. People should take a leap of faith and enjoy “MYO”

check out for $199.99

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