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All great astronomers looked up to the sky at some point in time and wondered about the great expanse of the universe. Every great invention begins with a seed of imagination and this is best cultivated in the young minds of our children. The Astro Star Laser Projector light lamp is the perfect way for you to get your kids wondering about what might be out there, how many planets are still left uninhabited and which types of stars are blinking down at them in the night sky.

The creators of the Cosmos Light Lamp put all their energy into encouraging children to take an interest in science. They know that school textbooks are not the only place where science is learned, but that we learn about it everywhere we go. It is the perfect way for you to bring the cosmos into your own home and let your children explore by going to insane lengths in their minds.

The Cosmos Light Lamp has the capacity to project the entire cosmos into any one of the rooms in your house. The innovative structure that supports the projector rotates constantly so that you can see the entire universe in one sitting. As if that isn’t cool enough, it changes the sky’s colour, and it regulates the seasons according to where you are. This way you can see where the stars and over 1000 galaxies are positioned at any given time of the year.

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