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Avegant Glyph

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The movie fans prefer to watch all the movies with the perfect 3D screen and sound system of the cinema. Unfortunately, it often happens that either they cannot get the movie tickets or they are too busy to get one. As a result, they have to wait for the movie to come online so they can watch it.

Thus to make the movie lovers enjoy every movie at home Avegant Glyph is the cool stuff you cannot miss using. It has been manufactured with such innovational technology that wearable cinema will be its perfect explanation.

The structure of simple headphones makes it easy to wear and watch. Therefore, the time has come to stop watching, start seeing, and experience everything in vivid details at your home.

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  • The first mobile theater that will allow you to watch movies, play games and entertain yourself
  • You can easily connect it to phones, drones, and any other smart device even at the distance of 40,000 feet
  • Replication the natural human eyesight it will produce an amazing effect through the screenless display.
  • Plug-in the HDMI source, wear as headset and view the 720 pixels

This cool stuff will let you have the cinema experience at home anytime.  Have the chance to watch the talent of your favorite actors or play your play station on this cool stuff. It will provide you with a 60-inch view every time.

Stop waiting and order your Avegant Glyph – Video Headset today for a remarkable experience.

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