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Bark As You Move: Mr Pug

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Are you tired of the same routine? The same dress. The same people. The same talk. What if you do not feel like talking, but rather barking? How about if we bring some excitement back into your life and make you bark? Now with Mr Pug mask you can rock the world and bark away.

Are you looking forward for the next costume party? Is the Halloween around? Or do you wish to surprise someone at the party? Do you love dogs and especially the pug. Thumps Up can transform you and make you the show stopper at the next party. All you need to do is to sport the look of a dog by wearing Mr Pug mask and you will be the head turner.

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Mr Pug mask by Thumps up can conveniently turn you into burly boss eyed brute. This mask is special in its kind. It is made up of plush Faux Fur. Gone are the days when you feel uncomfortable wearing the mask. This incredible mask has cushioned chin brace that allows the fox’s mouth to move when you speak. With its sturdy construction and mesh eyes for clear visibility, what can you ask for more.

Like the Canine itself, the mask is wrinkly and short muzzled in the face. Thus, you will turn into a real dog with Mr Pug Mask and can bark as you move.

Unleash the brute inside you with Mr Pug Mask face. Order it now from Thumps Up and enjoy barking all the way.

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