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We men have plenty of mess we need to clean and fix, all week long. That’s our job and it takes time. Because of this, we are in great need of products that makes our lives easier, avoiding to add more mess to the daily formula.

Based on this need, BEARD KING was born. A unique product in the market that allows us to groom our beards and have all hair trimmings at hand, deposited and ready to go. As a beard bib with the objective to maintain chaos at bay, BEARD KING does wonders.

Fascinating Design

BEARD KING is a one-of-a-kind product, mixing a high-quality, durable materials with clever design. In a single-size presentation, it works for every man who needs to trim his beard and catch all the hair for subsequent disposal, all in order and without inconvenience.

Just secure one end of the BEARD KING around your neck and the other on the mirror. There, standing and with your trimmer at hand, begin with the delicate care of your beard.

Finally, a definitive solution to maintain a hair-free washbowl and unclogged drains while grooming.

Hit the Road

One of the biggest perks behind the BEARD KING’s design is that it’s extremely compact, also allowing us to make it a small dopp bag for all your grooming accessories. This is especially useful while on traveling.

If you have a tiny bathroom or have to share it with roommates, its fantastic design can maintain the order while you aren’t around.

check out for $29.99

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