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Bed Butler

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Sometimes just a little organization can make a great effect on your life, the Bed Butler is something you never realized you needed until you have it, and then you don’t know how you lived without it before. With so many gadgets that we carry with us from the moment we wake up until we finally get to rest our heads, having them in a safe, easily accessible place at night can sometimes be a challenge. Perfect for the forgetful and those that tend to wander around the bed in their sleep, no more searching frantically for that phone hidden underneath the pillow muffling the sound of an important call or alarm.

Clear in color to blend in with almost any décor, this 3/16″ Thick Ultra durable plastic comes with a lifetime warranty and can safely hold laptops up to 17″ and up to 14 lbs in weight. Made in the USA from recycled material, and installation that is as simple as sliding it between your mattresses, you can rest assured knowing your nighttime essentials like glasses, electronics, and reading material is tucked safely within reach.

It’s portability and surprising capacity also make it a great gift for new parents. Keep baby essentials like diapers or bedtime books within immediate reach during those late night changings. Guests will also be overjoyed when visiting your home to discover you have given them an easy place to help keep their belongings together without having to stumble around an unfamiliar area late at night.

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