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Bellybuds Baby Bump Sound System

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If you are looking to get cool things for that special someone in your life that is expecting, then look no further than Bellybuds!
Bellybuds is a sound system designed to be placed on the baby bump so that your unborn child will get to enjoy audio stimulation that will help to soothe or even entertain the little one while still in the womb. Babies start developing their hearing at about 20 weeks and memories begin about 10 weeks later which is why Bellybuds makes for the perfect gift.
Simply place the two small speakers on the belly bump with the adhesives that holds them in place, but easily comes off when you want. The sound system delivers soothing sounds, beautiful music, and even voice messages that will resonate within the unborn child. Bellybuds are simple to use, portable and you can take them with you wherever you want to go.
You can use Bellybuds anytime you want from early in the morning to when baby is restless, they can help calm them down or you can play recorded messages of what you want your baby to hear. The versatility that they provide is wonderful and you will enjoy many hours of fun with Bellybuds.
If you are looking for a way to reach your baby with cool things, then Bellybuds is the answer. They make for a great gift for you or someone that you love. They are safe to use and provide your baby with plenty of soothing sounds that they will thoroughly enjoy.

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