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BigMouth Inc The Handful Boobie Creamer

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BigMouth’s handful boobie creamer is an excellent prank and gag item which can be used to hold cream or milk as well. The boobie creamer looks like a woman’s boobs and can fit into one’s hands. As it is made of elastic material, it can be squeezed that give a feeling like squeezing a woman’s breast and also squirts milk or cream which is that in the boobie. These soft and squeezable boobies are used in parties and adult congregations and gatherings. It can be used as a gag and prank prop.

The handful boobie creamer can be gifted to friends and close buddies giving them also an opportunity to squeeze the boobie and drink the milk out of it. This realistic feel of boob press and sipping the milk from it is the USP of the product. This can also act as a container to keep milk or cream for immediate consumption in a whole new way which is fun and interesting at the same time.

People use a lot of adult props in parties and this not so costly handful boobie creamer is a must have in your parties which are meant for your friends to enjoy and shed all the inhibitions. The size, shape and the appearance of the boobie are very what makes the buyers buy the product and its feature to squirt milk when squeezed makes the whole experience a realistic one which would make your friends go into a frenzy in the parties you organize.

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