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One of the most precious crystals on earth is bismuth. These crystals are known for its stunning, sparkling shine as well as the rainbow of colours it boasts with when light is projected towards it. Bismuth crystals are very useful for a number of reasons, especially in science experiments in classrooms. Educational Innovations brings you this product and they are known for producing excellent quality materials that can be used to teach, to learn, and to experiment on in a safe way. Just like their other products, these bismuth crystals are totally reliable and make for great science lessons.
These bismuth crystals are man-made and they have the ability to float up super-cooled bismuth, melt, and form within minutes. It is one of the few materials that have a greater density as a liquid than it has as a solid. Only water, gallium and germanium exhibit this type of quality. The trigonal crystal structure is what gives these crystals its cubic formation and the iridescent colours are created when light bounces off of the thin layers of bismuth oxide. This oxide is formed when the hot bismuth reacts with the air.
The specimens of this product range from 12g to 17g and it has a density of 9.81g/cc. It is the perfect addition to any science classroom when teaching about different states of matter or it can be the perfect gift for a budding young scientist!

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