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Bondic-The World’s First Liquid Plastic Welder

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We’ve all been through the moment when something breaks accidentally and ordinary glue just won’t hold it together and you end up throwing the thing away. Here to end your misery is Bondic. Bondic is the world’s first liquid plaster welder. With Bondic, you can repair, bond, build, fix or fill anything in a matter of seconds. Say goodbye to those pesky glues that create a huge mess, take hours to set and after and after the entire struggle you still fail to get the thing fixed.

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Bondic is completely waterproof, heat resistant and resistant to oils, lubricants and acids. It’s a liquid plastic that only hardens when you need it to, which means it won’t dry off when you’re using it but when you’re done with the job it repairs almost anything instantaneously. Bondic can be used on plastic, wood, metals, glass and even fabrics. Voted the most Innovative product at the National Hardware Show, Bondic is nothing short of a dream. The trick to Bondic is that only solidifies with exposure to ultra violet light so you don’t waste anything.

Bondic is solvent free and acts best when it’s used on non greasy, clean surfaces in layers. To use Bondic, simply get it out of the tube, apply as much as you like and apply the included UV light, hold for 4 seconds and the job is done. The Bondic seal can even be painted on so it hides. The kit is very small in size and lightweight so you can carry it around anywhere you like.


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