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Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

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Bring home the lights that will adorn your room with a magical charm ! Kids would never again say ‘no’ to turn off lights as the shine of these portable balls evolves in darkness ! Apart from being adept at carrying the spirit of play for the child at night, these Boon Glo Nightlight portable balls are removable and mobile. These interactive nightlights look awesome in the dark. If you concerned about security of your children, the manufacturers have already taken care of that by making the balls in such a manner that they won’t warm or break.


Some of the features of Boon Glo night lights involves,

  • These removable balls are used as nightlights for children suits.
  • The stand, that holds the light balls, comes with provision for selection of your favourite colour that is done by sliding of the lever of keep rotating the balls. This is often a play for children as they get astonished with the functioning of the changing colour of the bulbs.
  • The energy consumed by the bulbs are very low, as it uses L.E.D base.
  • The product comes with 9-volt power adapter.
  • One of the prime advantages of these nightlight balls is the gradual decline of the light with time. The light finally gets dissolved within 30 minutes, making it a perfect product for your kid to fall asleep.
  • The advantage of these bulbs is that they don’t get warm and stay cool throughout the time. The reason behind its cool touch is the non-electric nature of it.
  • The dimensions of the bulb stand is 2”X 8.5”X 9.8”

These bulbs remain a favorite game for every child at night, and, at the same time help your children to fall asleep real quick. These are the bulbs that you have been looking for long to keep the monsters away throughout the night.

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