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Box Brew Kits

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Proudly introducing the first ever wine making kit, Box Brew Kits is highly excited to dish out a beautiful, portable, and compact small batch kit – a one of its kind. Do you know that in as little as 4 weeks, you can use this kit to brew up to 5 full-size bottles of original wine for your friends and family to enjoy?

Together with an ample storage for all components involved in the process, you will find all the components your need to begin the wine-making process with this rustic pine box. Everything you need to get started and finish up successfully is found in this cool stuff i.e. all in one place.

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Note that there is no single “right” method of making stellar wine. With this Handcrafted Small Batch Wine Making Home Brewing Kit, you will get to know more about some cool things and methods that can be applied to making great wine. The wines you will be able to make with this kit are as varied as the techniques involved in winemaking.

While some may choose to start with simple stuff like store-bought grape juice, others may prefer to start with whole grapes. You can use fresh, concentrated grape from around the world to make fantastic wine with your Box Brew Kit.

The ingredient kit itself contains relevant instructions on how you can effectively use your winemaking kit. However, depending on the type of ingredients used, instructions may vary.

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