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Bubble Pop Wrap 2017 Calendar

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Do you enjoy popping? Who doesn’t?

We offer you a Heavy and Clear Bubble Wrap for a Bigger POP. It’s a Wall Calendar you can’t stop popping! Each day is covered with a bubble that you can pop throughout the day.

While children simply love our calendar, teachers have used it to teach self-control to their students.

The Bubble Wrap Calendar is made entirely in USA as a support to small businesses. It is typeset in Helvetica Neue for easy reading and a clean, modern look. It is printed on thick 80 pound cover stock and transparent color stickers have been used to mark special dates. There are bonus bubbles for tough days. Our awesome calendar makes a unique and unexpected gift as well.

Buy your 2017 Bubble Wrap Calendar, a Poster Sized Wall Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday. The product is eligible for Amazon’s 30-day returns policy.

Order your 2017 Bubble Wrap Calendar – A Poster Sized Wall Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday NOW by clicking on Add to Cart and avail our FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime.

check out for $19.99

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