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Build On Brick Mug BPA Free Coffee

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Available for just $14.99, the Build on Brick Mug BPA Free Coffee is one of the coolest coffee mugs you can possibly get. The coffee mug can be used for drinking your coffee and building something as well. Made out of lego, the coffee mug can be held to drink your coffee straight out of it and then use the legos to further build something too.

Other features of the coffee mug include a BPA free plastic-handwash, a 12 ounce capacity of holding liquid-you can use the coffee mug for holding any type of liquid namely water, tea or any cold and hot beverage. Moreover, the mug doesn’t come with any bricks and it is capable with pixel blocks, mega blocks, lego tm and others.

What’s special about this coffee mug is that it can be used for drinking but you can even hold it for decoration purposes. When you look at it, you will see that you cannot just use it for drinking it but you can even use it for a decoration purpose.

check out for $14.99Build-On Brick Mug2_

Why get the build on brick BPA coffee mug? You should try to get this coffee mug because it is a multipurpose mug that serves various functions. You can use it for drinking coffee but also building something as well. Moreover, you can also easily use the coffee mug to place it somewhere you like so it serves many different functions. And the best part? The coffee mug is readily available and offers great value for money, which is simply why you should get it right away.

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