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Burger Press Patty Maker

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Are you a burger fanatic who can munch down a couple of burgers just to satisfy your craving? Have you been trying to find a way to make exotically delicious homemade burgers easily and efficiently? We have just the right thing for you! The Burger Fanatic is proud to present a combination of innovation, simplicity and creativity called the Silicone Burger Press – Patty Maker! This product is exceptionally designed, in order to help people who do not have time to make homemade patties. Being an all-in-one solution for burger patties, this product by Burger Fanatic is certainly one of the cool things to have in your kitchen inventory!

The Silicone Burger Press Patty Maker by Burger Fanatic is an extremely easy way to make homemade patties, while saving a lot of time to carry out other day-to-day chores. You have the opportunity to shape and store 7 patties at a time, and make burger patties for large barbeque parties, in just 3 simple steps. Just fill in the bottom tray with your minced meat, level the meat and close the upper lid. Press the lid firmly and in a matter of a few seconds, you will have perfectly shaped burger patties. Moreover, the product is 100% safe and FDA approved and is easy to clean. Above all, it can b used to make several other things such as hash brownies and cookies.

So, do you have uninvited guests coming over for dinner? Surprise them with homemade burgers with the help of the Silicone Burger Press Patty Maker!

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