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The Cacoon is a swing-like hammock-garden seat hybrid that originates from Canada. It appears to be a convenient seating arrangement that can be basically said to be a modified hammock in essence. Essentially, this double hanging chair means a lot to so many people.

Whether you call it a hanging garden chair, a hammock or a swing, The Cacoon offers a haven of peace to suspend in. Both children and adults find this to be super fun. It serves as a safe relaxation zone anytime, anywhere … a place where you can decompress and relax your mind after a long day at work and be happy all day,

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Attaching and detaching the Cacoon is no problem at all as it is very easy to suspend, fold and transport to anywhere you may want to go. It is simply a return to the nest with a very unique but simple concept. Just like the weaver bird, the hanging bolt-hole is a cool stuff that portrays a husband and wife theme.

Note that the Cacoon is designed with a cotton blend fabric and a canvas-like polyester that is machine-washable, UV-treated and water-resistant. It can either be hung on a tree to be used outdoors or by a single point indoors.

This refreshingly unfussy hanging hideaway – the Cacoon tries Black is made in Canada from high-quality, marine-grade materials. In addition to quick exciting escapes into the backyard, Cacoon Double hanging Chair is just one of those suitable cool things you need for your next camping expeditions.

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