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Can You Imagine Light-Up Bubbleizer

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The Can You Imagine Light-Up Bubbleizer allows you to shoot bubbles in the air to the beat of a multi-colored light show through the use of a battery operated bubble blower. The Bubbleizer is in the shape of a toy gun, and is made of clear plastic materials so you can see cool things inside.

Your friends and family will be amazed as they watch an endless stream of bubbles shoot into the air. Your Bubbleizer actually lights up bubbles as they flow out! Kids will have hours of fun playing with the battery-operated bubble blower at night or during the day. Outdoor usage is recommended but kids can play with the bubble gun’s electronic lights indoors.

To work the Bubbleizer you squeeze the trigger to see cool stuff come out from the front. Keep holding down the trigger to see an endless stream of bubbles shoot into the air. You can watch as you see the bubbles being formed in the inside of the Bubbleizer. To the front of the bubble gun you will insert a bottle of Bubbleizer liquid bubbles, while the lower back of the gun takes three AA batteries. Anyone over the age of 3 can work the Bubbleizer.

The Can You Imagine company is a global leader in bringing fun stuff and cool things to the market. The Bubbleizer costs under $11 and refill liquid bubbles are available for purchase.

Your family love will how fun and easy it is to shoot out colourful bubbles with the Bubbleizer.

check out for $24.99

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