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Cash Cannon

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The greatest fantasy of all adults is to make cash rain without touching a bill. Yes, it is true, you can make it rain without having to touch a bill.

Imagine yourself in a party and in need of splashing cash around without actually touching the bills. You will need a tool to do the work for you. For an exciting experience, no tool works better than the Cash Cannon Let’s make it Rain.

The Cash Cannon Let’s Make it Rain is an extremely easy to use toy that is perfect for shooting out dollar bills in your party. With this toy, you will send the dollar bills or any item similar to the US dollar bill’s structure flying across the room.

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This superb toy is made of ABS plastic and it is engraved with the cash cannon logo. As a unique toy, the Cash Cannon Let’s Make it Rain has the following key features:

  • Perfect for a variety of events: this toy is perfect for use in weddings, birthdays, nightclubs, bachelor/bachelorette parties etc.
  • Feeds up to 100 dollar bills: you can feed this toy with any of the US dollar bills. It also works well with other items such as coupons and flyers with similar structure as the US dollar bill.
  • Free fake money: you will also get free fake money with this toy.
  • Single 9v battery: it works with a single 9v battery.

This toy is your perfect tool to fulfil your ultimate fantasy of making it rain without touching a bill.

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