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Checkers Shot Glass Bar Game Set

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If you are looking for a great game to play at a party, Checkers shot glass bar game set is a great way to get competitive and of course drunk. Like normal checkers the aim of the game is to take other players counters only the counters have been exchanged for shot glasses instead. They can be filled with your tipple of choice for a night to remember, or not depending on how many times you play. You can play alone if you’re feeling brave or play as a team so that you can pace yourself throughout the party.

The game contains a glass checker board which has rubber feet so that it doesn’t slip or scratch surfaces. The shot glasses for each player can be depicted by 13 being clear and see through and the other 13 frosted.  It comes gift boxed so you can keep it for your own entertaining parties or instead give to a friend or loved one.

The rules of the game are the same as checkers; basically if a player gets your shot glass then you have to take a drink as a forfeit. Once the game is over and the party has ended the game and its pieces can easily be hand washed and put away for your next checkers shot glass bar game set night. Each shot glass can hold 1oz which doesn’t seem like much, but after a few shots you will more than likely want to pass on the task to another team member.

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