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ColorSwirl 3 Color Coupler

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When it comes to making the right kind of icing for your cake, keep in mind that the ColorSwirl 3 color coupler is simply amazing since it gives you the option of mixing up to 3 colors to make the perfect swirl.

Using the ColorSwirl 3 color coupler, you get interlocking coupler pieces for seamless icing swirls, which provides you with lots of options. The ColorSwirl 3 color coupler can be used in creating circles with perforated centers; this is ideal for cakes of all sizes.

With the ColorSwirl 3 color coupler, you can swirl up to three colors to create a more defined multi-color icing swirls that is crispy and clean.

You can transform ordinary cupcakes using basic buttercream decorating techniques that are available such as the round tip swirl or 1M swirl.

You also need to keep in mind that the Color Swirl coupler basically combines three decorating bags, which are filled with individual colors, so you can pipe impressive and easy tri-color swirl.

When using the ColorSwirl 3 color coupler, all you need to do is choose the colors of your choice, and firmly squeeze the bag until you’re getting equal parts of each icing from the tip.To ice your cupcakes, hold the tip close to the top of the cupcake.

Using firm, steady pressure, squeeze the icing bag, starting in the center of the cupcake and moving around the edges of the cupcake and then one more swirl on top, moving back towards the center

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