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Creepy-Crawly Remote Control Centipede

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Children enjoy the strangest and most unique toys. If your child is fascinated by ‘creepy crawlies’, the Scolopendra will definitely grab their interest! For children who are fond of playing harmless, funny pranks, Scolopendra toys would bring a lot of joy. The more unique the toy, the more children are drawn to it. Buy the Osoyoo mechanical centipede and provide your child with the best entertainment.

Not only is this toy remote controlled, it has been designed to support infrared signals from a distance of up to 6 metres! For the trickster in your child, the giant Peruvian Centipede toy would be ideal. He/she can use it from far off distances and play around with others. The toy is 13.8 inches in length and guaranteed to be the most fun your child will have! The remote controlled centipede toy walking around by itself would be enough to fascinate them. At just 47$ a piece, we’re offering you a world of entertainment.

check out for $19.52Creepy-Crawly Remote Control Centipede2

Due to choking hazard, the toy is recommended for children of the ages 8 years and above. Safety and precaution are always necessary when purchasing any toys. The Osoyoo centipede is completely safe and large enough to be easily spotted to avoid any tripping incidents. For children who are afraid of insects and bugs, the toy is a great way to help them overcome their irrational fear.

Purchase the Osoyoo remote controlled RC Centipede and get the best deals now! We put our child’s happiness before any other, do you?

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