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Curvit Curtain Rings

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Curtains are perhaps the most easiest way to make a room impressive and eye-catching. Old, run down or mis-matched curtains  overshadow the entire room with a drab, dull look. Matching, decorative and good quality curtains on the other hand, can make a great fashion statement.

That is why Curvit curtain rings are Aqua Blue, which complements  all colours.

Curvit curtain rings are a modern, essential tool for homeowners. This set of 12 arches are the solution to your curtain problems! While most homeowners manage their room curtains fairly well, curtains in shared rooms and bathrooms are often neglected and overlooked.  These Curvit curtain rings are specifically designed for these areas.

Shared Rooms

Living in a shared room usually means less space. When curtains are used, they end to get in the way, and make the closed space uncomfortable. However, with Curvit curtain rings it doesn’t have to be that way. These rings are basically arches that can be clipped on and then taken off – no remodelling needed! They push the curtain slightly outwards, making the space seem bigger and much more comfortable.


Shower curtains are difficult to get right. They usually blow inwards due to the hot steam of the water and their vertical hanging, which constricts the shower area. The Curvit curtain rings can easily be snapped on for the shower and will curve the curtain outwards, away from the shower.

Curvit curtain rings are the newest invention to a common problem, and they are definately here to stay. They are easy to use : snap on, and off, with a shiny steel ring and clea plastic tail. They give you upto 50% more space, which is an absolute bargain at just $49.95!

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