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Cyclus Pangolin Backpack

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The appealing and charming idea of the Cyclus Pangolin Backpack has won it a design award! It’s produced from the internal tubes of reused tire, combined to frame the shape of a shielded pangolin creature! Each layer closure is retractable because of magnets. This surprising backpack has cushioned directed shoulder straps and airflow back channels to ensure complete pleasure when you put it on.

The defensively covered pangolin rucksack offers a really attractive method for hauling around your personal belongings. Produced from reused inward tubes, this extraordinary backpack includes an agreeable ergonomic design that gives an unbelievable 13 liters of storage capacity.

This unique knapsack is designed according to the defensive scales on the back of an animal known as the pangolin. The pack is handcrafted in Columbia utilizing reused tire inward tubes from trucks. The outline is organized, so the pieces withdraw onto each other instead of a standard zipper enclosure. The plan additionally emulates the extremely sharp scales on the back of the barbed pangolin.

The outline is kept shut using 3 attractive terminations and gives a substantial storage capacity. Utilizing the tire tubes makes the sack very strong and gives it an exceptional appearance. Inside the pack is loaded with a set of storage pockets for keeping pens and other little things, while it is put on using two cushioned shoulder straps.

It is a decent case of what extraordinary designers can accomplish using materials ignored by every other person; the unique rucksack is produced using truck tire internal tubes, making it at once both waterproof and astoundingly flexible.

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