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Disposable Peel and Stick Hair Traps

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The drains in your bathrooms, shower tubs and sink drains often have a tendency of getting clogged due to excessive hair, dirt and other such scum who can’t be at peace without giving you some trouble. The price that you end up paying for these cheap trick played by the drain blocking scum gets pretty heavy which includes plumber’s charges and whatnot. But worry no more. The old days when you had to spend your precious time opening and cleaning all the drain covers in your bathroom or bathtub are long gone for the disposable peek and stick hair traps are now in the market and are currently considered as the best product of their kind. The disposable peel and stick hair trap is easy to apply. The application mechanism as simple as its name says. Just peel the cove from the back and stick it to your drain cover. It will staunchly protect your drain cover against any hair and soap scum.

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The product has strong adhesion which makes it stay in one place and unlike the plastic drain covers, available in the supermarket these days, they do allow for the quick drainage of water. This product stands firm, even after multiple showers, can be cleaned with ease and need to be changed only when they’ve become extremely soiled.

Long story short, they are what you need if you are looking for a solution to the your clogged drain pipe.

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