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Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal

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We have presented an antique and rare journal book for our customers. This book looks beautiful and classy. The book is completely handmade and the design can be moderated according to the specification of the customer. This book consists of 200 pages with 100 blank pages and it is made of good quality cardboard to make the outside of the book long-lasting, paper, coffee, glue and acrylic paints. The design and texture of the book is made with care and patience. It’s a made to order book and customized books are also made according to the demand of customer.


check out for $12.63 

River Song’s Journal Book looks decent and attractive. The pattern on its cardboard can be changed according to the specification of the customer and can be turned from having the tardis squares on both sides of the book to single side. Price range is very reasonable for everybody. You can have it only in 13.63+ USD if your order includes squares on single side of the book. And price for Tardis Square book with squares on both sides is 12.63+ USD. Tardis song’s journal book resembles to the original prop.

Recycled cardboards which are hand painted using acrylic, glue and coffee are the basic element in its manufacturing. Book size is 18 cm x 12 cm x 2.5 cm ca approximately with total weight 180 gr. Book pages are firmly bound together and colored light yellow to look more enchanting and piquant.

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