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Beer Smarts Game-Drinking to win: The beer party for nerds

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As the name indicates, Beer Nerd is all about beer and so a good pass time for people who appreciate their beer. Best played by a group of people, beer nerd tests your knowledge of beer and helps you control how much you drink. The cool stuff has two parts and this makes it to appealing to both beer lovers and those who just know too much about brews. The more similar the beers used in the game are, the more fun you will have in trying to identify them. If you know someone who would appreciate a game where beer is the main equipment of play, then this is the perfect gift item for them.

Tastes buds do the most work in this game, but everyone enjoys being part of collective beer drinking. This is a good game to buy if you have a beer loving family. If the invite simply says that guests will be engaged in competition where beer is involved, wouldn’t the turnout be better if you want to call someone from a bar? As with many other board games, players can add to the rules to make the drinking parts more. Just grab your kit and see how many of your own rules you can add to an already exciting game.

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