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Dual Tank Double Beverage Dispenser Backpack

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If you think that backpacks are just for carrying around books and your lunch then you are very much mistaken. The Dual Tank Double Beverage Dispenser backpack has been created with a fun and useful element to it. It is made from acrylic and allows you to carry your bar on your back with a choice of up to 2 drinks. You can carry everything from soda to alcoholic beverage in this stylish lightweight backpack with padded shoulder straps for your comfort. When you are out and about with friends it saves carrying around heavy glass bottles or cans and there is even space for your cups leaving your hands free and your beverage on your back so you know exactly what you are drinking and that it has not been tampered with.

Never again worry when out drinking in big groups about leaving your drink unattended. There is another option. You don’t have to keep going up to the bar at an outdoor festival or party so are free to enjoy company/entertainment without having to step away from your group.

Each of the dispensers is able to serve shots, soda or any drink of choice and each is able to carry up to 210 ounces of liquid. This could be a great solution to a picnic in the park and even has a back panel and extra padding so that you are comfortable carrying the backpack for no matter how far afield you are going. The straps can be adjusted for comfort and to suit each user so you can swap with friends. No more hand bags weighing you down or bottles that can be broken, just refreshments as you go.

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