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Easy upload and easy executable tool

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DIY is the best Arduino gamer kit I came across. The kit has an 8X8 LED matrix once it is solder together and serves a great screen display. I could easily upload my game’s code in to Arduino and experienced a wild play. This was a very great learning experience for me with this cool stuff. I initially set Snake and Tetris and enjoyed the game after which I continued by a low rez Flappy Bird game. I thoroughly enjoyed all the game and learnt a very good coding mechanism.


If you are looking forward to buy this, then do not hesitate, it’s worth its price of $117.73 and you would not regret paying additional shipping charges once you have this gaming kit in your hand. While buying this, make sure you already have a soldering iron, wire cutters and 9V battery because you would require all of these once you get the kit.

I am not looking forward to learn and create more new games. It’s been 3 months and everything seems to work well, adafruit is a great reliable brand and this product proves it. This was my first Adafruit product and the brand did not disappoint me to any level. Thumps up for the product ‘Development Boards & Kits – AVR DIY Gamer Kit from Adafruit’ it was ideal. I recommend this to those who have spare time and passion to create and innovate their own games. Remember that you will have to buy Arduino and 9V battery separately if you don’t have one at your home already. Because this product is stand-alone, so Arduino and 9V battery does not come along with it.

check out for $117.73

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