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eegoal™ Dog Cat Pet Stripe Bow Tie Neck Tie with a White Collar

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Give your pet a distinguished look with our formal Leegoal™ stripe bowtie neck tie with a white collar. This designer pet accessories will give to these little guys of your home comfort and style. It is perfectly suitable for all occasions – travels, weddings, weekend parties, Christmas, parades, birthdays, Halloween, photo shoot, play date or everyday wears. Made of cotton fabric, soft and breathable. It is hand-washable and light-weighted.

Our Leegoal™ Dog Cat Pet Stripe Bow Tie Neck Tie with White Collar is just astonishing and striking for your dog or cat to be dressed in which would put a beam on your face. This affordable and attractive accessory is very comfy and by no means causes irritation to your pet.

This accessory can be used alone or together with other pet clothing. The clip on the collar makes it really simple to wear, adjustable and durable. These adorable and carefully selected ties make your pets look beautiful and smart.

These bow tie neck ties are of superior quality and they come in a variety of adaptable sizes such as 31cm/12.2inch; 12.5cm/4.9inch which is both suitable for small and medium sized pets.

This Leegoal™ Dog Cat Pet Stripe Bow Tie Neck Tie with White Collar is a definite show-stopper and would still the show when you and go outside, meet with the Vet or trainers.

You’ll enjoy the feelings you’ll get when your pet’s stylish appearance becomes the center of attraction for everyone – while you watch your dog or cat wag its tail in excitement adorned with these beautiful Stripe Bow Tie Neck Tie with White Collar

These ties can also be gifted to your loved ones. It could be wrapped and delivered to your family and friends who own pets wherever you need it. It’s truly a remarkable gift for your pets and will certainly make them look cooler, happier and more beautiful.

If you are looking for cute high quality made bow tie neck ties for your pets, these ties come in highly recommended. They will look so great on your pets and fit them perfectly! You would love the material used and the brilliant colors. These are super cute and just in time for Valentines Day!

If only you care to offer the best things to your pets, never miss an opportunity to buy this Leegoal™ Dog Cat Pet Stripe Bow Tie Neck Tie with White Collar, priced at $2.99.

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