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Electronic Tape Measurer – cool Gadgets

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This revolutionary and cool gadgets is here to change the way we use tape forever. Say goodbye to the conventional way we have been doing it for hundreds of years, approximating how much we need, and say hello to the E-TAPE.
You can see on its relatively large display how easy this device is to read. Right before cutting the tape, you are provided with measurements which satisfy everyone, as it uses both the metric system and imperial units. The electronic tape measurer also converts from one system to the other and from fractions to decimals, not to mention locating midpoints. A simple everyday tool is now revolutionized and made far better than before. It measures accurately and easily. You can measure, read what is on the display and utilize one of the three memories it offers (one short and two long).

check out for $29.91

eTape16 ET16.75-I-RP Digital Tape Measure_
It provides both inside and outside measurements; there’s nothing like it anywhere. In fact , we are the only existing reliable source of this product on the market.
When not in use, it automatically shuts off. How convenient is that?
Not to mention that it will last 64 hours of continuous usage. Due to its perfect size it is also easy to travel with and to take anywhere.
The device is made of poly carbonate plastic, making it durable and weather resistant.
Be a part of this always advancing future and dispose of your regular measurer for this beauty and for such an affordable price!

It is the best cool stuff to buy!!!

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