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Enchanted home pet ultra plush club chair

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Because of the popularity of this product it is unfortunately temporally out of stock and therefore we are encouraging people to order now and we will deliver as soon as new stock becomes available. We will email customers with an estimated delivery date as soon as more information regarding this exciting product becomes available. There is no need for concern because your account will not be charged until we have shipped the item. This product is shipped from and also sold by and for those clients who would like a giftwrapped product, this could also be done. The color of this club chair is chestnut.

check out for $159.99

This product is completely suitable both for small and large pets and in fact it has been designed to handle pets up to a weight of 10 pounds. It even provides storage for dog bones and other toys. For your convenience and for ease of maintenance the cushion cover is completely removable and washable. The benefits of such a pet chair is that it provides elevated and draft free sleeping which is not possible when dogs sleep on other surfaces.

A lot of attention to detail has been invested into the design of this chair and this includes a full loft cushion which provides total comfort for your favorite animal. If you are a pet owner who goes the extra mile for their favorite pet this product is definitely one which you should purchase for your own pet.



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