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Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

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Have you ever been booked a ticket for over-speeding, while you were getting late for a meeting at the office? Do you wish you had a way to know that you were going over the speed limit, so you didn’t have to pay a bunch of dollars and get late for the meeting as well? We have just what you need! Designed basically for people to get notified when they exceed the speed-limit and prevent any mishaps from occurring – the Max 360 Radar Detector by Escort is one of the most cool things and most sensitive gadgets you’ll ever get for your car.

The Max 360 Radar Detector by Escort is an extra-sensitive device, which provides you with unmatched detection with the help of its rear and front antennas. The antennas quickly harness the lightening-fast focus of the Digital Signal Processing, and make sure to inform the driver about any incoming dangers, faster than any other detector in the market. It uses five levels of filtering to provide the best ride and provides different features to the users such as Cruise Alert, Bluetooth Connectivity and an Escort Mobile App. The package comes with a smart cord in order to help you install in properly and provides simple, yet effective communication between the device and the driver – to keep you updated at all times.

So, do you want to make sure that you never have to pay a ticket for over-speeding ever again? Get the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector today!

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