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Excalibur Motorized Bumper Boat w/Canon

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The heat is unbearable and the sun scorching. Your schedules are tough and the job demanding. You need to give yourself a rest and that’s only possible if you know how to relax and have some fun. And if it is fun that you want then get your hands on the happening Excalibur Motorized Bumper Boat with a canon!

The Excalibur Bumper Boat is that inflatable pool gear that allows you the finest and smoothest motorized motion in the pool. The boat can be steered with a sleek looking black and yellow wheel allowing you to cruise the pool right, left, forward or backward as you please. The Excalibur Bumper Boat comes with a water canon allowing you to have all the more fun while you’re at a pool party with your homies.

The best thing about the Excalibur Bumper Boat? Well it’s really very easy to put together, easy to control and very hard to get off on. You get addicted to the fun once it begins. This Excalibur Bumper Boat features a very large and comfy design allowing everybody to adjust into it easily. You will definitely fall in love with this fun machine once you get hold of it.

Also the Excalibur Bumper Boat has a quiet single motor and one button accelerator that doesn’t even make a sound while you reach your friend unexpectedly in the pool. Order your Excalibur Bumper Boat with water squirting cannon today and start off with your unlimited fun.

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