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Extreme Vehicle Protection Storage and Flood Protection

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When storing a vehicle, there will always arise fear of damage.  With the Extreme Vehicle Protection and Flood Protection, a product seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, vehicles are  finally safe from damage and flood.  With this product, cars are protected from 24 to 36 inches of floodwater.

The product is simple, and requires the bare minimum for use.  Set up should take no longer than ten minutes with a second person to help.  Once the EVP is set up, there is no need to worry again.  Simply drive in and close it up for protection.

check out for $298.68

Various options are available in order to fit all different vehicle types.  Small size accommodates sports cars, smart cars, and classic cars; the medium size works best with sedans; and lastly, the large size suits SUVs and minivans.  Now it is easier than ever to protect vehicles from harm.  For those without a garage, this can provide protection from the elements.  For those with a garage, the EVP can assure not a speck of dust nor droplet of water touches your prized possession.

The EVP works for both rain and snow. The product is ready to accommodate all seasons and all locations.  Extreme Vehicle Protection keeps the every day vehicle safe as well as stores those valuable, classic vehicles that never should be exposed to the elements.  Car protection has never been easier, or less space requiring!  EVP is like an insanely protective bag for your vehicle.  Get yours today!

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