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Flex Claw Hammer

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The 18 Ounce, Flex Claw Hammer offers 4 different claw positions that allow the hammer to pry nails easily.  The adjustable pry bar makes no angle an impossible one.  The weight of the hammer is also comfortable, in order to make it easy to grasp the hammer without challenge.

The hammer itself features a wide face for striking, and has a magnetic nail starter to assure simple nail starting.  The handle of the hammer is comfortable.  The grip allows excellent control in order to hit nails with precision and accuracy.  Never lose control of hammer by having it slip away.  The weight of the hammer is ideal for its purpose, and makes it simple to begin nailing something in with a single hand.

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With this tool, home improvement has never been easier.  There is no need to lug around multiple tools in order to complete a project. Whether starting something new or ripping apart something old, the Flex Claw Hammer is the answer.  This is excellent when replacing old boards in the home.

This tool makes an incredible gift for anyone working on home improvement projects, or any project at all!  Having this tool alleviates the need for multiple tools, thus saving money and space.  The adjustable pry bar even outperforms traditional pry bar options, as you never need to fear an odd angle again.  This invention cannot be compared to anything else, as it is one of a kind, durable, and easy to use!

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