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Footwarmers and Handwarmers

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Are your hands cold while you are working in the office or while at home? Does your foot get the irritating chilling sensation every time you put them on the cold floor in winters? If yes then, today is your lucky day. Here we have this amazing product to bring back your comfort zone and keep your hands and foot warm n efficient all the time. It is the Yeti Heated Foot warmers and Hand Warmers which are made of cozy imported cotton and polyester and come under all standard sizes (upto men’s 10).

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They are wireless and give you the heat along with the freedom of walking, sitting on a chair while reading or browsing the internet outside your bed. You can also adjust the warmth level from low to high as it works with a removable Lithium-ion battery. They look adorable can gain you a lot of eyeballs from visitors. Also, they make an excellent gift item for your friends, family etc. who will always think of you, whenever they enjoy the comfort of this product. So order now and grab it until the stock lasts, as it is not something you want to lose.

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