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Fred GIN & TITONIC Titanic Ice Tray

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Traditional ice molders are a thing of the past. Sometimes, bringing something new and innovative to a party can improve the overall mood of it and what better way to do this than by acquiring this funny ice tray inspired by the tragedy of the titanic. It is a cool concept that certainly grabs the attention of your hosts in a party. The mold has two main figures: one is the fatal iceberg and the other one is, obviously, the titanic. The latest one list slightly, while the icebergs float in whatever drink you may be having. And there you have it! A very attractive design of a very simple thing can actually be a good idea if performed properly. The material which the items are made is a synthetic rubber, but you don’t need to worry: it is perfectly food-safe, so no one will be harmed by any unpleasant side effect it might cause. It comes four ocean liners and four icebergs, perfect for a small gathering with your friends. It is good to break the routine once in a while and introduce something new to any social gathering. Furthermore, it will also say a lot about your personality, as a person who often tries to find funny alternatives to mundane items of everyday life, and in consequence, you will seem as a very interesting, smart and funny individual. So don’t wait any longer to buy this great item.

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